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This began as a personal project but as I was working on a school assignment at the time and I got a little playful - so one thing lead to another and voila!

Corporate identity assignment to redesign Thise Mejeri, which is a Danish dairy company. I designed letterheads, business cards, profile brochure, web layout and packaging design. This is a selection of the packaging design I presented at school. Since then this project has been featured in books, magazines and all around the world. It has been an enjoyable project to do and to see it featured so many places makes me proud and blessed.

I only included a few examples from my 1 week CI project.

I was inspired by the old-fashioned milk bottle and round shapes.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, like arranging the fruits and taking the product pictures in my tiny studio apartment. The process was playful and full of exiting elements.

Thise Mejeri Strawberry juice
Thise mejeri packaging design
Thise mejeri packaging design
Thise mejeri packaging design
Thise mejeri pineapple packaging design

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