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I help evolve products through clear visual communication and timeless design strategy.

I love to work with typography, shapes and color. I have expertise in FMCG packaging, editorial design & product branding. I am solution-oriented. Focusing on simple and functional solutions with the end consumer in mind.

I'm currently not looking for a job and taking an indefinite hiatus from working as a graphic designer. I may update this portfolio with new projects in the future, only time will tell. I hope you have a pleasant day.

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About me

My name is Randi, I'm 34 and a multidisciplinary graphic designer. I'm an ambitious graphic designer who has accumulated a wide range of experiences. I thrive in a work environment where I get to use my creativity. I look forward to creating and ensuring consistency in visual expressions and to maintaining the red thread in relation to existing and new projects.

I am a graphic designer with a creative focus on packaging design, product branding & editorial design.

I am looking for a creative job in an inspiring company, with the opportunity to influence my own and the company’s development and being a part of a creative team. Being able to make a positive difference within the company and to help create results and well-being is something I appreciate. I seek an exciting and challenging everyday life at a workplace that emphasizes a positive work environment, good and solution-oriented communication, as well as collaboration and personal development. 

I believes in teamwork, fun, complex projects, and simple solutions. I am idea-driven with a passion for design aesthetics and craft. I favor a playful but refined approach towards my work.

My portfolio shows who I am as a person, detail-oriented, classic with an edge and sometimes very colorful. I love to create projects with bold personalities. Crafting designs that carefully balance timelessness with distinct visual expressions.

I have a vibrant and bold approach to design. Creating designs filled with individuality and personality. My expressive typography and confident color palettes create memorable and iconic designs. My ideas are rooted in Scandinavian design. I take complex requirements and develops them into simple visual solutions.

I have been named one of the 200 best packaging designers worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive. As well as having been featured in their special book release.

My design process is to develop a visual language that feels authentic and emotional, then takes it one step further, building designs that carefully balance timelessness with bold, distinct visual expressions.

Quick introduction

What I like to do:

- Packaging design
- Editorial and print design
- Graphic design
- Brand identity design
- Illustration, icons & signage
- Product branding

My work rules are simple:

- Enjoy what you do
- Make mistakes, rectify
- Be honest
- Be brave
- Be curious
- Share knowledge

Future dream

My dream is to have more time to do the things that give me a positive energy boost and spend my time doing the things that I love.

Having just lost the person that meant the most to me put my life into perspective. I want to do the things that I love while I still can, not wait until I grow old since I may not live to see that.

A proper work-life balance with a work environment that encourages personal time and growth is something I hope to find one day.

It is a dream of mine to have a 4-day work week allowing for more flexibility and time. Time is the most valuable thing. Spending time honing your skills or time spent with loved ones is always well spent. Can you make my dream come true or do you know someone who can?

I'm based in Vejle, Southwest Jutland, Denmark.

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work experience
2023 - 2022
Graphic Designer / packaging designer
- schou

I mostly do packaging design work. I have been put in charge of their tools and D.I.Y. section as well as their fitness line. I have been selected to be in charge of their new expansion into the food market.

Schou is the Nordic region's largest retailer of non-food products, and their extensive assortment covers a wide range. Products can be divided into the categories housing, garden, leisure and tools. In addition, they are known for their large selection of garden furniture.

2021 - 2020
Graphic Designer

Maternity cover, part of the marketing team. I create solutions for consultants, departments and subsidiaries affiliated with DLG. I help develop and maintain visual identities and expressions. I make graphic material for newsletters, webshops, SoMe channels, ads, presentations, flyers, brochure, CSR report, sales and campaign material. I have been responsible for all material for DLG's new sustainability plan up to 2050, ZERO.

The DLG Group is one of Europe's largest agribusiness companies with 6,000 employees and activities in 18 countries.

Graphic Designer
- Selected Femme / Homme, Bestseller. 

Maternity cover, part of the expression team in the marketing department. My primary focus was to develop and implement POS material for retail. In addition, I also design graphic material for B2B customers, showrooms and trade shows.

- Develop and implement retail POS material.
- Layout for lookbooks, catalogs and promotional material.
- Develop and implement visual elements for showrooms and trade shows.
- Finalizing artwork for print.

2020 - 2017
Graphic Designer
- Danish Spirits Factory 

I created functional visual solutions for print and SoMe. I ensured the visual guidelines. I was part of a project from start to finish and I worked independently. I worked on many packaging designs for different FMCG brands. Results of my work can be seen every day by 1000s of people on their shopping trip or at events like Roskilde festival. Every day I would supply everything from packaging to in-outdoor branding and advertising materials to SallingGroup and COOP as well as many major events and festivals in Denmark. I had direct supplier and customer contact. I gave old brands new energy with respect for their stories and audiences. My many skills come into play in the form of video editing and mock-ups for retail and other companies. I ended up doing all the creative work in all 3 fields for in-house, on-trade, and retail design.

Art director
- refleksion

Advertising agency Refleksion. Here I worked on everything from designing to layout large catalogs, brochures and advertising etc. Every day was also filled with several small and big tasks, including image editing and systematization CMS systems and image banks.

Art director
- wonwon

a small design & advertising agency. There were always many projects going on at the same time. I have compiled video and motion graphics for municipal projects. I have been responsible for all branding, print and SoMe for a theater performance. I have made a lot of outdoor branding, banners on facades and across shopping streets. Here I had the opportunity to further develop myself with the many different tasks I worked on. I’ve worked on everything from identity, print, packaging, ads, brochures, to video editing and motion graphics. I have worked a lot with print media like catalogs and menu cards to cafes and restaurants.

Graphic designer & creative artworker
- the Old Pharmacy

Maternity cover, In-house at ”the Old Pharmacy”, which specializes in handicrafts, interior and gift items, that are sold at large Danish retail chains such as Danish Supermarket. DGA is one of the big Danish manufacturers of Christmas decorations. I designed everything from napkins, book covers, cake tins, candle holders for Christmas decorations that are sold both domestically and internationally. I’ve been involved from product development to the final stages. I have handled many print and production files. I have worked out technical product drawings and handled contact with printers and production companies around the world.

2013 - 2012
Graphic designer
- CI studio, Dublin Ireland

Packaging and Graphic Designer Internship at CI Studio in Dublin, Ireland. I was responsible for a variety of major graphics projects where it has been my job to communicate and ensure guidelines, quality and expression. The work tasks varied and the days were never the same. I have worked on everything from an annual report for the Irish Red Cross to a packing series for baby food. I have helped to further develop a product series of organic hand creams and made logo and C.I. for different Irish companies. I was also involved in designing catalog and print material for the annual Irish International Film Festival. Much of my work consisted of designing identities, printed materials and packaging solutions. www.cistudio.ie

Some of the clients i worked for includes: Danone, Irish Red Cross, Irish International Film Festival and Human + Kind

2013 - 2010
School of Visual Communication
- Bachelor

3-year professional bachelor; typography, graphic design, advertising, campaign, communication, digital design, animation, film and TV graphics, magazine design, logos, corporate identity, branding, etc.

Media College Denmark
-Higher Education

Media college fundamental photography course.
30 weeks Advanced training course in all things connected to photography

2008 - 2005
business College, IT & communication
-Higher Commercial Examination

HHX degree in IT and communication

2019 - 2000
Yacht club - Event Staff

Helper at activities, events and competitions in relation to BBK Boat Club.
Setting tables, prepping food, making packed lunches and so much more.

2009 - 2004
Assistant teacher - photography

Assistant teacher during evening classes at the youth center school in Vejle Mon-Thu in photography, portrait, and image processing, In addition, workshops, events, etc.

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