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SELECTED FEMME is all about pared down elegance rooted in a Scandinavian aesthetic. All collections are inspired by iconic women of the past mixed with the essence of our present. Always blend classics with high fashion trends to create the sophisti­cated items that characterise the SELECTED brand. The silhouettes are cool but feminine. They are simple yet bold. SELECTED makes timeless looks and high-quality garments full of surprising details. SELECTED makes fashion you want to keep!

The front and back cover was designed so both could be displayed facing up.

The only design restriction was that only these 2 font families were allowed: Helvetica Neue + Baskerville.

Selected femme lookbook front and back cover
Selected femme lookbookSelected femme lookbookSelected femme lookbookSelected femme lookbookSelected femme lookbook
Selected femme lookbook overview

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