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My name is Randi Sjælland. I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer with experience across a wide range of design disciplines.

I’m a graphic designer specializing in effective brand communication and packaging design. I’m a creative problem solver. I take complex requirements and develop them into simple and intelligent visual solutions that affect the mind and heart of others.

My mission is to create value for a customers’ business and products. I connect people with products and companies, creating sharper brand images and help move consumers and develop product categories.

I have worked on brand identity, packaging, illustration, video and other print and digital products. I enjoy making really useful things as well as really useless things. I am idea driven with a passion for design aesthetic and craft. I favor a playful but refined approach towards work. I’m fascinated by Scandinavian minimalism, and work by the motto “keep it simple”. I believe that hard work and passion are key elements in creating good and compelling projects.

I am passionate about timeless beautiful and thoughtful design that is functional and visually communicates clearly.

Packaging entusiast . Anime watcher . Sushi lover . Collector of cuteness .  Photographer .  Traveler . Colorful . Cake decorator . Seamstress . illustrator . 50s furniture . Tiny house lover . Blythe customizer .
I'm currently looking for a creative place to work. So if you or someone you know are looking for a creative graphic designer like me. Please feel free to drop me a line or two.
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