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Headder image. Hello, Welcome to my personal online portfolio. 
I love to work with color, typography and shapes.
I help companies & brands communicate visually

About me

Randi’s portfolio shows who she is as a person, detail-oriented, classic with an edge and sometimes very colorful. She loves creating projects with bold personalities. Crafting designs that carefully balance timelessness with distinct visual expressions.

Randi has a vibrant and bold approach to design. She creates designs filled with individuality and personality. Her expressive typography and confident color palettes create memorable and iconic designs. Her ideas are rooted in Scandinavian design. She takes complex requirements and develops them into simple visual solutions.

Randi has been named one of the 200 best packaging designers worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive. As well as having been featured in their special book release.

Randi's design process is to develop a visual language that feels authentic and emotional, then takes it one step further, building designs that carefully balance timelessness with bold, distinct visual expressions.

Randi is a graphic designer with a creative focus on packaging design, product branding & editorial design.

She believes in teamwork, fun, complex projects, and simple solutions. She is idea-driven with a passion for design aesthetics and craft. She favors a playful but refined approach towards her work.
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What Randi likes to do:

- Packaging design
- Editorial and print design
- Graphic design
- Brand identity design
- Illustration, icons & signage
- Product branding

Her work rules are simple:

- Enjoy what you do
- Make mistakes, rectify
- Be honest
- Be brave
- Be curious
- Share knowledge

Want to hire me?

I am currently in a maternity cover position and looking for a new full-time job. (remote work is also an option)

I'm based in Southwest Jutland, Denmark. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me or if you want to know more about me.
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